Finding a Local Church

Being new in a neighborhood is never easy and for Christians one of the most important things during a relocation is finding a local church to call home.  Or perhaps you have just become a Christian and are coming back to church and are looking for a local Christian church.

Using the Internet to Find your Local Christian Church

One of the best ways to find a local church is using the internet. Our main website is a directory of local Christian churches across the USA and (coming soon) around the world.

Church FinderDenominations and Types of Local Christian Churches

Some other websites are specific to different Christian denominations.  If you want to find out more about specific denominations see our list of Christian Denominations – many with Denomination Profiles and links to the official denomination website for more detailed research.

Each City Church Directory on Church Finder also has specific denomination category pages.  For example, you can see all churches in Dallas TX or look only at baptist churches in Dallas.